The condom is a medical device and manufacturers need to get their company and their products licensed by the FDA and by Health Canada prior to sell in the respective countries. Because the labeling requirements differ from one country to the other, they usually come up with different packaging and/or names. As a result, it gets confusing to the end consumers especially when buying online. Some US brands have their Canadian counterpart, others don't. The following table is a non-exhaustive list, listing the Durex US styles and their Canadian equivalent.

How to recognize a US condom brand from a Canadian condom brand? Canadian condoms are identified by a Canadian license number or device identifier that can be found using the MDALL reference tool, which lists all active medical devices. An easy way is to check for the bilingual French/English labeling. Canadian retailers selling exclusively repacked bulk condoms usually sells American brands.


The Durex Avanti Bare is the thinnest and one of the most popular Durex condom. The avanti bare was first market as a natural latex free condom, this new Next-To-Nothing Feel version contains natural latex. As most Durex condoms, the Durex Avanti Bare is available in Canada and USA under different licensing and labeling.


The intense sensation features hundreds of raised studs, intensely textured it provides a fitted shape for easy-on and great feel. The Durex Intense Sensation is one of the most popular textured condom on the market with the Durex Pleausuremax, Trojan Ultra Ribbed and the Lifestyles Ribbed Pleasure.


Durex Love, one of the most popular Durex condom, most likely THE number 1 selling Durex in North America. 20% thinner than standard condoms, the Durex Love provides high sensitivity, extra lubrication and fitted shape for easy-on and great feel.


The Durex XL/TG is the equivalent to the american condom Durex XXL. The XXL is much more popular as the extra X seems to make the difference. Hovewer, both condoms are the same. When looking closely at the Durex XL/TG, one can notice the condoms are even identified XXL on the back of the condom foil.


This long lasting condom shares the pole position in term of popularity with the Trojan Extended Pleasure and the Lifestyles Endurance. This brand contains 5% Benzocaine on the inside that helps delay climax and prolong sexual excitement for longer lasting lovemaking.


The Pleasuremax condom contains an uniquely positioned rib and raised dot texture designed to maximize stimulation. This best selling condom provides the Easy-on shape that makes it easier to put on. It is well branded and very popular among all online stores in USA and Canada.


While both condoms are just about the same, the Durex Extra Strengh condom tends to be more popular than the Safe and Secure, possibly for branding reasons. Both condoms offer a thicker wall providing extra resistance and reassurance.


The Durex Sensi-Thin and the Extra Sensitive are THE most popular condoms from Durex, highly rated by the end users, the Durex Sensi-Thin and Extra Sensitive condom is one of the Top condom in the world.


The Durex Assortment pack is available in USA and Canada under the same name with a slightly different content and labelling. The 24-pack in Canada contains the following:

  • Durex Performax condoms with delay lube for longer lasting pleasure
  • Durex Intense sensation studded condoms for extreme pleasure
  • Durex Tropical coloured and flavoured condoms
  • Durex Extra Sensitive ribbed condoms for added sensation
  • Sensi-thin condoms for exceptional sensitivity
  • Pleasuremax ribbed and dotted condoms

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