Condom size matter! It matters for comfort, "performance", pleasure, etc., and for all these reasons providing and/or using the right size matter to enjoy using condoms and/or achieve success in encouraging condom use as part of a prevention campaign. If any man has concerns about the condom when having sex instead of enjoying and sharing the moment with his partner, it soon becomes a problems in various ways. There is a safety issue as the condom may slip or break if it is too loose or too tight which may prevent the condom from protecting against STIs and pregnancy. There is also a high probability that following a bad experience with a condom, a man may not be interested to use a condom again

One easy way to determine your condom size is the Toilet Paper Roll Test. It is a good way to help determine your actual condom size

How to determine your condom size with a Paper Roll

Insert your penis inside the Roll...
[1] If there is extra room, you are among 35% of men who needs smaller condoms as regular condoms may slip and you will soon worry that it might fall off. Get peace of mind with the smaller size condom Lifestyles Snugger Fit. At 49mm, this condom will stay on, won't slip and increase protection.
[2] If there is just enough room, you are among 50% of men who needs regular size condoms. Averaging 53mm, an assorted pack will help you determine your perfect fit.
[3] If it doesn't fit or is much too tight, you are among 15-20% of men who needs larger condoms as regular condoms will be too tight and may be uncomfortable or even painful. Averaging 56mm, trying various condoms will help you determine your perfect fit. For some men, 56mm might still be too tight. In this case, a brand available in the US only, the Trojan Magnum XL provides 58mm at the base while gradually increasing to 65mm at the head of the condom.

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