About Us

Dear valued customers,

I’m honoured to welcome you on IdealCondoms.ca!

A little bit of history:

Back in 2009, when we decided to start idealcondoms.ca, we thought buying condoms online made sense and was actually a pretty good idea! We were quite confident many people would be interested to buy their condoms online among a large variety of condoms available at low prices and to make their purchase in a discreet environment... By chance, time proved us right! 

How come we are growing so fast:

We distinguish ourselves by focusing on what really matter to our customers, paying attention to every detail that really makes a big difference at the end! We pack our package in a professional fashion, we ship the packages quickly, we offer free shipping on all condoms and we really care about our customers. Then, we hope you are satisfied and will come back, which is usually the case! 

Where are we located:

We are located in Saint Michel-des-Saints, close to Montreal city. We sell only through our website.

You can contact us by phone using our toll free number: 888-998-MAN-4 (6264), by email at the following address: sales@idealcondoms.ca or using our contact form, or by chatting with us by clicking on the green support button you can find all across our website.

We are thankful:

Thanks to all of you! We strongly believe loyal customers are the cornerstone to achieve success. We really hope you will become part of our community, buy our condoms, have fun and safe sex with them and talk to your friends about us!


Once again, thank you and enjoy your visit!

Christine Leduc
Vice President